Good communication is about marketing your product to your audience in a language they understand.

I know how you can connect

About Me

I’ve been working in media and communications since 1997 – that’s 23 years! Time flies when you love what you do.

I’ve had the most amazing career so far. I have worked in crazy, wild places like Mongolia with the UN and AusAID. I have worked with some of the most vulnerable people in the world with USAID in East Timor. I have worked in super-fast paced ABC radio and the artsy community radio scene with RTRFM. I have run a community newspaper in the Northern Territory, and more recently I have worked with organisations to build their own brand and help them to find their amazing stories to tell the world.

I believe humans need stories – we need to tell them, we need to hear them, and we need to learn from them. Even in the cut throat world of marketing, the best campaigns come back to the ability to find and tell a story that people can relate to.

They cannot know unless you tell them. Let me help you to them.



Your website should tell a story. If the content is patchy and has lots of authors, it’ll be hard to read. I can make if flow and easy for the user to understand the amazing work you do.

Social Media

If posting to social media is like pulling your teeth out, I can take the pain away. Regular posts that are dedicated to adding value for your audience is so important to making social media work for you.

Annual Reports

They come around so fast. Good annual reports require good planning, they have to look professional, and tell a story about the incredible achievements made that year.

Press Releases

Knowing how to write releases so the media take notice is hard. Having been on the other side, I know what works and what doesn’t.


By the hour

As a general rule, I cost between $100 to $200 per hour depending on the type of work and type of organisation. Hourly rates are the best option for you when you know what needs to be done, but not sure about the process for getting there. That way we can keep things on an as needs basis. 

Per Job

Perhaps you want me to give your website a facelift, tidy up your corporate identity, help to create a communications strategy, manage a photo library, or write your annual report. 


For an agreed fee, you can rely on me to manage all your media needs on an ongoing basis. This might include managing your social media accounts, writing your newsletter and keeping your website up to date. 

Happy Clients

Anna is efficient, productive and delivers on time and within budget. Not only is she a valued member of my team she is critical to our on going success.

Steve Smith
Aboriginal Investment Group

Anna has been collecting stories to turn them into products we can use on our website, social media and newsletters. Her background as a journalist makes her perfect for the job. Its handy that she likes taking photos too.

Kristal Vague
Marketing and Communications Manager
Northern Territory General Practice 

There is no doubt Anna is passionate about her work in the media. I have been working with Anna in developing social media marketing strategies. I think what sets Anna apart from the others is that she is truly driven by a desire to help those less fortunate.

Alexia Riquelme
Marketing Manager

Anna has been instrumental in converting many of our strategic and operational communication and marketing goals such as designing our websites, managing community consultations, taking photos and updating our photo library, setting up and managing our social media and designing and writing our annual report.

Anna is very passionate about her work, which is demonstrated in her outstanding outputs. I especially value her patience and flexibility in working with us to achieve our goals.

Alexa Gutenburger
Chief Operating Officer 
Aboriginal Investment Grou

I am a graphic designer and have worked with Anna since early 2018. 

She is great communicator and is flexible – which are important skills in our industry! Anna has been working in media for a long time, and this obvious when you work with her. 

I hope to work with Anna long into the future.

Dahlia Cervantes
Graphic Designer

As a web developer it is great to work with Anna because of her broad understanding of media. She takes photos, manages approvals process, writes content and works with clients to knuckle down the look and feel. Working with Anna on projects, makes my job much easier.

Anna was the missing link in my team as a web developer. She is a great writer and I use her to write website copy for websites that I develop. I enjoy working with her and hope to work with her more in the future.

Graham Craig
Web Design Plus